01 January 2013

The Year of Everyday

The turn of the year always leaves me anticipating spring and lovely weather...

2013 is now upon us but the only actual change will be the date that we write at the head of our notes. Although we have entered a new year, nothing actually changes on the stroke of midnight. Lives go on as they always had, children return to school several days later, haggard parents go to work the next morning, and puppies continue to be coddled and adored.

While some of you went to your first rave and others spent the evening at NYE parties drunk on pink champagne dressed like disco balls, I was at home watching LOTR (yes, again) with my sister who consistently expressed how much she loves Frodo. New Year's, like every other holiday is pretty much society's excuse to throw a party and drink until dawn (and dress in ridiculous getups). If the end of a 365-part unit of time is so extravagant, why not have a party at the end of a 24-part unit of time? There are 365 of those and you get to have celebrations every day!

With the turn of the year, we are also accustomed to make resolutions and set new goals to achieve at some point during the year. Your resolution to get fit and exercise more ends around February and you spend the next 10 months as you always did and all of a sudden, your new resolution is "to get fit and exercise more."

What this world really needs are people who practice healthy lifestyles all the time. Instead of making your resolution to "read more," make it a point to take the time to sit down and pick up a book two or three times a week (or everyday). But it's not just about specificity, it's about keeping it up. The new year isn't about aspiring to do great things that you've always wanted to do. Rather, it's about cleansing yourself and being mentally prepared to make changes in your life to achieve the kind of lifestyle you aspire to have.

So cross out your resolutions and start small. The little things count more than you think they do.

"What you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while."

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