28 December 2012

Another List and the Intended Goal

In my previous post, I listed things that have been memorable in the past year and instead of adding on to the list, here's a list of things that I have found ridiculously ridiculous (or just plain ridiculous):

  1. Gangnam Style; no matter how many views it gets or how many Gangnam flash mobs there are, I will never ever like/appreciate/acknowledge this ridiculous song
  2. #YOLO; you only live once? true, but a silly acronym isn't getting the message across
  3. RMONEY 2012; Seen on the MHC campus: "VOTE LIKE YOUR UTERUS DEPENDS ON IT"

Then on a more serious note, my goal/resolution for the new year is to consolidate my two blogs, to become a better writer, and to figure out how to make a nicer layout. Also: "wordpress quick 5-minute installation" my ass. More like "wordpress 5-day installation for dummies who just want a pretty layout."

And coming off of that, a list of things I'm looking forward to in the new year:
  1. Enjoyable classes (if any, at all)
  2. Inception of a new crew season
  3. Numerous movies, TV shows, etc. Not even going to elaborate/

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