28 December 2012

The Shortlist and The Goal

2012 is coming to a close, the new year is fast approaching and it turns out the Mayans were just too lazy to continue their calendar past 12/21/12.

As always during this time of year, every source of written information recounts the best and/or worst of the past year. These are not necessarily bad/good, but memorable in my year:

  1. The Hobbit. It doesn't help that Martin Freeman plays the part of John Watson in the beloved Sherlock because I just end up thinking of Watson's and Bilbo's likeness. They are, of course, played by the same person. In regard to the actual movie: I JUST WANT TO WATCH IT AGAIN (and again and again and again)
  2. College! I embarked on an exciting new adventure (kinda like Bilbo) and, well, I'll have an exciting announcement to share come March (or April, not exactly sure when)
  3. Crew. As I've surprisingly shared, I love waking up at 5 if it means I get to be on the water. It's something that I would hate parting with and besides, what did you do this morning?
  4. GWF. The Girls' World Forum in Chicago was my last experience as a Girl Scout and man, it was such a good note to end on.
  5. Graduation! Not so much the ceremony, per se, but the idea that our high school careers came to a close and in comparison to our feeble freshman selves, we've grown into fantastic human beings (well, most of us anyway).
  6. Getting into college. It seems like a lifetime ago, but it's hard to believe that at the beginning of this year, all our efforts paid off and the rest of our lives were determined by a few words of text in an email or letter.

I find it really interesting to think that in a single year, so many things can happen yet we are so focused on the present that it seems like a distant blur. Some people say that as you get older, the days get shorter, and I partially agree with that sentiment because in relation to our entire lifespan, what we do in a single day seems meager to the accomplishments that we've achieved in our entire life. But see, our goal shouldn't be to get through the day as fast as possible but rather to make every single day a vibrant memory that you can look back on.

More to come once mother and her cleaning spree ends so I can get back go my computer.

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