25 December 2012

Mrry Xmas from my couch to yours

Christmas without snow should not be a thing. It doesn't even feel like Christmas though, let alone winter.

Anyway, I am spending today on my couch because right before I was about to head out, my lower back died again so I am currently immobile and helpless. But I was kinda expecting it because I woke up with a migraine And our sad gift exchange consisted of me picking up my ridiculously wrapped package and handing out my gifts to mother and sister. Then I went back to bed. While I'm at it, apologies to all for being such a crabby loner child today: I'm just dying a little.

You should also not be reading this right now because its Christmas and you have no business anywhere near a computer (unless you don't celebrate Christmas). On that note, Happy Holidays to all from my couch to yours!


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