02 January 2013

P365 and Everything Else

Introducing the new and improved Project 365 that syncs with Facebook and includes lovely filters!

One thing too many people now have in common: the frequency of which they are posting pictures that are seemingly significant and reflective of their lives. Admittedly, I also belong in this population of dim-witted sheep who have noticed the raging popularity of their friend's success with this task and suddenly claim their own stake in the world of photography.

Have you guessed of what I speak? It's the overly common Project 365, of course! The task of taking a picture every day can be ridiculously taxing if one is not blessed to own a smartphone with comparable photo-taking abilities. Take myself, for example. In my junior year of high school I attempted to embark on the noteworthy P365, but I was sans iPhone so.I had to lug my D5000 everywhere and that was just a pain in the ass and eventually I gave up. Then in my senior year in the 12 weeks before the last day of school I tried again for the duration of my high school life but I failed again after a while even though I got some marvelous photos that I actually quite love. But voila! Now you are blessed with a smartphone and the P365 should be a piece of cake! Plus, it's the new year which is obviously a perfect time to begin this adventure~

Well, kiddies I hate to break it to ya, but the P365 has very little significance anymore. Our lives are documented every day thanks to a wonderful addictant called Instagram, so you don't really need to make a big deal out of your little project, right? Besides, what fun is there in only posting one picture a day? Now that everyone's doing their own version of a P365, we've all become one of the bunch and it's really slightly less notable.

I think the reason why I'm involving myself in this commonplace act is because it's a way for me to contribute to my new "Everyday" mantra. Last year I kept a moleskine planner in which I documented the happenings of my life and I love looking back through the pages because I can relive the moments that studded the end of my senior year or my "monumental" Chicago trip. In addition to keeping up with the P365, I have one of Gretchen Rubin's 5-year journals in which you write a little bit about your day every day for five years so you can compare what you did on the same day year after year. Then I also have a makeshift moleskine journal which is really just a volant with planner pages printed out and pasted in, but I like it because I get to customize it however I want to and it's been quite fun so far! So there you have it, the break-down of my new life documentation plan that encourages adventures, well spent time, and most importantly: diligence.

While all of our P365 will be looked over and forgotten in years to come, I challenge you to create the new Project 365. What'll you document? How are you going to influence the Everyday theme?
But what I'm quite curious about is why all of you are participating in the P365. Do tell...


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