09 January 2013

A Minor Obsession

A couple of months ago while I was still in school, I encountered this beauty...

... and I wish I could say that the rest is history, but broke college students can't exactly afford $270 cowls, can they? (Sorry, OC)
So while I ogled and dreamed of cold days spent in cozy wonder, I told my friend to make me one but alas, crocheters are not necessarily cabling experts (Hi, SB!). The vague possibility of my ownership of this cowl suddenly disappeared and life went on. But I am proud to say, friends, that during the many nights spent on my couch watching The Big Bang Theory, I have successfully figured out how to cable! It's actually not that hard at all and you don't even need to use a cable needle.

Anyway, you would think that I've already figured out the pattern and am currently wearing one right now but after hours of internet research, I still need to test it out. Besides, how can I out-knit a chick who's been knitting since she was 6?! When I was six, I spent my summers lounging in a donut at the pool with my cool kid sunnies. 

I guess I don't really have a point to make, but if you can spare the $$, go buy it. You would be so happy and I would be so happy for you. On that note, I am trying to adopt a Tiny Tower spending system (from my sister's POV) = Earn at least twice the amount you intend to spend. Hopefully it'll work and I won't be completely broke all the time. Now all I need is a source of income...

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