12 January 2013

Why Do You Do What You Do

It's the question of the year: Why do you do what you do? As what I suppose is a coalesced emergence of things that I've read and seen in the past couple months, I've finally come to ask this question. I mean, it's quite simple, really. Picture this: someone walks up to you and asks you why you're a _______ (insert noun that is a correct descriptor of yourself). What would you say? Of course, this particular noun could be anything, ranging from your profession or sexuality, but choose a noun and think about it.

For example, this imaginary figure would ask me "Why are you a student? Well, there are several possible answers to that, some of which apply to my personal situation. Why am I a student? Some possible answers: 1) To get a degree, then a job 2) Learning is the bomb-dot-com 3) Nothing better to do 4) All of my friends are / Okay, now please proceed to choose the one that best describes you. JUST KIDDING. Your job is to create your own answer. Seriously though, think about it. It's so easy to just pass through time doing things and working and going to school without giving things a second thought. Why do you go to work even though you hate it so much? Why did you buy that pair of shoes even though you're broke? Why are you in college when you feel like you're not learning anything?

This society is built on conformity and regularity and the fighters are the ones who become rich and famous because they're not afraid to change their situation if they're not happy (Disclaimer: dropping out of college will not turn you into Jay-Z. don't do that). My point is this: if you're stuck in a rutor are unhappy/bored/lifeless/questioning yourself, MAKE A CHANGE. But be warned, it's not as easy as changing your breakfast cereal, and like everything, it's so much easier said than done. Lifestyle changes keep life exciting and adventurous and fulfilling. Your time on this planet should not be wasted. So don't let it go to waste. In other words, #YOLO jk don't start doing drugs.

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