18 January 2013

IHOP: I Hope yOu're Paying

"Welcome to IHOP, we have an unlimited pancakes special but you're probably only going to eat 2. May I take your order?"
Welcome home, friends! Hope you had a nice productive day at school (or work). I had a lovely day that began right when I woke up (the second time- after I fell back asleep) which started with oddly wonderful bed-head hair. It was actually kinda great tho because I typically tie my hair when I go to sleep or else I'll wake up with a mouthful of hair when I wake up and that is just not pleasant at all. Anyway, I didn't tie my hair last night because it was wet and magically I woke up with good hair. Good! I hear that you really shouldn't go to sleep with wet hair though. Something about getting brain cancer or something or other (kidding). Why is that though?

Second point: my aunt always points out that she'll occasionally crave IHOP but every time she indulges her craving, she is always disappointed. She is right. No matter how awesome "unlimited pancakes" seem, how many pancakes can you actually eat? That waffle was also quite unsatisfying. Sorry IHOP, but you're killing me. Someone find me a place with really good waffles in Queens. We all know that the wafels & dinges truck so very much loved by all won't be making runs to Flushing any time soon. They'd probably get really fantastic business though. Hear that, Wafels & Dinges?!

Other than good bed head and disappointing waffles, my last big realization: YOU ARE THE DJ OF THE SOUNDTRACK OF YOUR LIFE. Has anyone actually realized that? I'm sure people have, but seriously! Imagine yourself in a JGL-like movie and you're just walking to your next destination. In the movie, what song would accompany your pace? I spent the day walking around with my phone playing my playlist (sans headphones) and it felt like I was in a movie (kinda). This might seem really obvious, but the songs you like are wholly representative of your character and your present self. Thirty years from now, you might not jam out to One Direction and Imagine Dragons, but you'll have an entirely new life soundtrack!

This reminds me of my movie idea: "Zuck's Big Day" I called it. It's about Mark Z. and what I would think is his most memorable week ever: the week he turned 28, made Facebook public and then got married! You can read about my idea here [x] I think it's pretty fantastic. Someone call a producer for me.

Thank you for tuning in to my mindless, unrestricted, and incoherent musings. Much appreciated.

Added note: I did not realize that Kid Cudi has an album titled "Soundtrack to my Life" but then again how was I supposed to know?! Sorry KC, but you're not on mine.

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