20 May 2012

Zuck's Big Day

I'm going to make a movie based on Zuck's big week. The opening shot: Zuck blowing out his candles at his small, very intimate 28th birthday.

It will then explore the trials and tribulations he faces as Facebook is about to go public, and the decisions he makes in order for that to happen. Add in a couple scenes with his family where they offer him advice--

... someone's making burgers outside...

--and he accepts their wisdom. Then throw in a couple scenes of soon-to-be Mrs. Zuck finalizing all the wedding plans and sharing her excitement with her beau. And don't forget the cliche couch scene with Beast. Go back to scenes of Zuck's back-to-back meetings until 11:00 on Friday when he rings the opening bell for Nasdaq. Then have a party scene where VCs congratulate him and such. Next shot: wedding bells ringing, wedding stuff lalala.

Final scene: "Now what?"

I am a mastermind of movie making
J (the next big thing)

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