20 May 2012

For those of you who actually read these things...

I wish that...

  • People would use Google Plus more often. It's pretty, I like it.
  • I could surf. 
  • Large bits of ginger wouldn't find its way into my mouth when I eat.
  • Snail mail was still the main form of communication.
  • People would appreciate the smaller things in life. (colorful socks)
  • My work could finish it on its own.
  • Physics and calc didnt have to butcher me into a billion pieces.
  • I could add 3 inches to my height.
  • Mommy didn't have to wait 60 days to purchase Facebook stock.
  • Cameras didn't have Auto options.
  • There wasn't a 'Luxurious' option under 'Minimalism.'
  • The economy wasn't down in the dumps.
  • Spring weather wasn't so variable.
  • I wasn't so afraid of the rain.
Someone take me on a trip to Hawaii so we can go surfing... :)

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