09 May 2012

Sleep Study

Stayed home today for mental recuperation from my exam yesterday and to "study" for my next exam... well, that's what I told my mother anyway.

Just woke up (yeah I know, it's 1:30) but I do intend to study a bit. Actually, I asked my mother for a day off because I woke up late and did not want to get ready in a mere 10 minutes. But don't tell her that. It was also raining this morning which I was not very fond of.

Speaking of rain, I've suddenly gotten a desire to spend the day traipsing across the city in the rain. I can't remember the last time that happened, but I have a memory of a girl scout trip to Build a Bear in the 4th grade... it was pouring and I had to share a tiny umbrella with another girl. It was fantastic.

Well, off I go to study... puh, yeah right. But I do like study dates ;)


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