22 May 2012

Beginning Fencing

Yup, I'm taking fencing in school this fall! It was a lot more appealing than weight training, what can I say?

I've finally chosen my classes (not officially-- yet)! Here's the run-down:

"British Empire & Commonwealth"

"Intro to the Physical Environment" w. lab

"Elementary French"

"Perspectives in Global Business"

"Into to Macroeconomics"

I'm super duper excited! So glad that my school doesn't have core classes. I can basically take whatever I want!

And a note to you all: try to take classes outside your major. It'll open your eyes to the wonderful gems beside the one you love. Also make sure that your professors aren't complete duds BEFORE you register for your classes. Trust me, you don't want to get stuck with a dud.



  1. Fencing? Weight training? Is that supposed to be like a phys ed class or just something on your tree time?

    1. Ah. Well, your schedule is pretty cool. It's awesome that you can basically do whatever you want. MHC seems like a pretty cool college in general :)

      I was under the impression that I could basically take whatever I wanted to at City College, but it turns out most of my non-major/liberal arts courses are spelled out pretty clearly, and it kinda feels like I'm just going back to high school. I was really looking forward take a bunch of language classes. Hopefully my AP Credits and those six college now credits will help free up my schedule a bit so I can take some fun classes.

    2. Aw thanks! :)
      Yeah, that's pretty much the entire reason why I decided not to go architecture school :P But I hope your CCNY experience will be quite swell!