01 May 2012

You Know It's Summer in NYC When...

R29 recently published a piece featuring 29 things that mark the start of summer in New York. So, here's mine. It probably won't reach 29 points, but we'll see:

You Know It's Summer in NYC when...

  1. ... there isn't a time when the hydrants in Harlem are closed
  2. ... a trip to Starbucks to pick up your daily fix turns into an extravagantly long line dotted with teenagers vying for half-off fraps
  3. ... the Highline is littered with children and their nannies, tourists, and a number of people working on their tan
  4. ... suddenly everywhere you go, there are a handful of tourists right next to you
  5. ... your morning subway commute now has moms and their kids on their way to summer school
  6. ... you find yourself chasing down the ice-cream truck for the strawberry milkshake you've been craving
  7. ... there's a sudden influx of Jitneys en route to the Hamptons
  8. ... you find mass groups of people doing yoga in Bryant park on saturdays
  9. ... when the air train to jfk is as crowded as the express 7
  10. ... you can take the ferry over to Governor's Island!
  11. ... the Great Lawn is now a spot to rendezvous for lunch
  12. ... everyone is lining up to go everywhere, even before they've had their coffee.
Okay, I could only come up with 12 for the time being, but the list will be extended!


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