14 May 2012


Know what sucks? That fact that a part of me wants to go to Pratt. In a way, I feel like Mt. Holyoke is the husband I would cheat on with Pratt. I love it, and it provides everything I would ever need, but it doesn't make my heart skip a beat.

Pratt is the perfect match for what I think I want to pursue, but what if I decide I dont't want to be an architect, or if the architecture industry really plummets? Then, Mt. Holyoke would be there to catch my fall. I'd be able to double major in a field that won't let me down as well as support my passion.

Although I've already chosen Moho, I occassionally get the urge to email Pratt to beg for a place despite the observed deadline. Oh, what to do? My life rides on this decision.. I just hope I haven't made the wrong one.

Peace and love,


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