13 May 2012


"A girl named Julia walks into her classroom about to take the AP Comparative Gov. exam. She passes."

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! The Comp. test is on Tuesday and while it's not as hard as AP Latin, AP Mic/Mac and definitely not AP Physics C, I'm taking it seriously.

Of all the classes I've taken this year, comp. was the only one I actually took an interest in. Sure, astronomy was interesting for the first couple months, you know, until everything got complicated and physics-y. Anyway, I just can't wait 'til college when I can pick the classes that I actually want to take. Maybe then I won't fail. Besides, if mis parientes are paying for college, I'd might as well take classes I'm interested in, right?

So, I'm taking tomorrow off to get down and dirty with Comparative Politics. Me, my textbooks, and the entire day at Starbucks where the temperature is below freezing, even in the winter. Wish me luck, I might need it.

Oh, and good luck to all you crazy kids taking AP Bio and Physics tomorrow... you'll definitely need it.


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