06 May 2012


If some of you saw my recent Facebook status, here's a short clarification.

"When a bunch of 8th graders are in your room talking about their loves lives and you realize you don't even have one..."

If you read that and "aww"ed, you deserve a slap. Please raise your right hand and swiftly motion it across your face.
  1. Not looking for a love life.
  2. Said this with an imagined combination facepalm-chuckle-whatever i don't care
  3. It was also not an invitation to all the destitute children out there who are pining for companionship
  4. Males in high school are either one of the following: 
    1. They are puppies vying for your attention 24/7
    2. They are jerks who just want to say that they have a girlfriend
    3. They are lonely, destitute souls who need a companion
    4. They are douchebags who are just... self-absorbed douches
    5. They are idealists who are holding out for their own Megan Fox/ tall blonde chick with boobs and an ass
    6. They're idiots who don't know a thing in the world
    7. They're smart-asses who think that everyone is beneath them
    8. They just want to hook up with every girl they can just to say that they did
Besides, I know of one too many relationships that should end, but won't because the parties involved are wimps. GROW A SPINE.

Not hating on the ideals of "love," so please continue on if you are committed good relationship.

If you pity me, I will punch you. Just don't.


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