01 May 2012


A couple weeks ago, I was in Union Square and there was an inflamed presence of Occupy protesters. They were spreading the word about the May 1st general strikes that were occurring all over the city.

Today's May 1st.

At the time, I was seriously considering skipping school to chill out and support the occupiers, but since then it slipped my mind. Coincidentally, I skipped school today to nurse a blistering headache. This, my friends, is a sign from the Gods...

And to those of you who think that it would be a waste of time, I'd like to note that these people really care about what they're fighting for and that they all create a great bond with each other. When I was over in Union Square, their sense of community was really inspiring, which is probably why I felt inclined to attend their May Day strikes.

Nevertheless, wish I could be there right now!



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