30 May 2012

$899 for 37 years

I went college shopping this past Sunday and one thing that I got frustrated with was that I had to get a task lamp.
1. They're ugly, and there isn't much space on my desk to begin with
2. I preferred having a floor lamp and I couldn't understand why I couldn't get one
3. I don't intend to spend much time studying in my room. Things like that just don't just happen
4. Task lamps are ugly, and they get really hot
5. Wanted a small, cute ambiance desk lamp, if anything

Check this out:

Office Upgrade: The 37-Year LED Desk Lamp

It's an LED lamp that's designed to make LED bulbs last 37 years (HOLY COW!) if used 12 hours a day. And of course, if it's not on 12 hours a day, it'd probably last a lot longer. Isn't it super cool?! The thing is, it's a whopping $899 T_T Long term, it's a really good investment because, how many bulbs would you buy in 37 years, anyway? I need it so much.


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