22 May 2012


I'm thinking of doing a modified version of the Insanity workout. This girl needs to lose a lot of flab if she ever wants to go to to the beach ever again. Do you think I'm insane?

First, I can't strain myself. God knows how much of a weakling I am, so I'm going to cut 6 workout days to 3 or 4. Would that affect the efficiency of the program? Hm..

Oh, but the food! It seems simple enough to eat 5 300-calorie meals a day BUT NO CAKE. Oh dear lord I am in despair. I think half of my total calorie intake is made up of cake and whipped cream. Not good, kids.

I want abs. For some odd reason some part of me believes that if I do 15 sit ups once a month they'll magically appear. WHAT AM I KIDDING. Maybe I really should do this workout thing... Yuh know what? I think I will!

Oh jesus think of all the cake I could have... but i want abs! THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN. AND IT WILL WORK.


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