24 May 2012

It's Been A While, But

Remember that gorgeous Zac Posen dress from a while back? I miss it. And the worst part? The exhibit in which I saw it at FIT is no longer there... so I can't see it! I am very sad. On another note...

I feel quite irritable. Either that, or just incredibly irritated. It's hard to tell. I can't even bare talking* to people** right now. This girl needs a break... a really long one. Thank god I'm going to the Whitney tomorrow.  All I need is some peace and quiet. Inspiring artwork is always a plus. Especially when there's no one bugging you about their boredom meter. Kids these days need to be more cultured and appreciative of culture. No more mindless TV watching! I'm proposing a coup against mindless society!


*more like 'Facebooking' because talking involves mouths
**"friends" in particular. I have no problem asking ma mummy for some more cake

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