13 May 2012

So, So Confused.

If you haven't seen any of the Yahoo! articles stating that architecture is the worst possible field to pursue, well, it is. Unemployment is almost 14%, despite the fact that us architects build your houses and stuff.

Despite these unnerving facts, I chose it anyway. I chose architecture despite every plea not to.

Anyway, according to US News, Architects hold the spot for 2nd best career in the creative services industry, and is #42 on the list of best jobs. Out of all the careers our there, I'd say 42 is a pretty good number, no?

For a while I believed that the architecture industry would improve in the near future because there are so many new development opportunities thanks to the rising population increase, and isn't Cornell building a complex over here soon? If I do end up pursuing architecture, I may be able to find a job over there but then again Cornell Arch kids will probably get priority... sigh.

But seriously, I don't get it. 14% unemployment, 42nd best job in the country?

Eh, oh well.


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