03 August 2013

Thank You Notes.

1. Thank you to Mananny B. for being a wonderful friend and an amused reader! Without readers like you, there wouldn't be anything to read. (I owed you a s/o, didn't I?)

2. Thank you to my brother for being a debate nerd and going to debate camp. I've been occupying your room. (Don't be mad, it's cleaner than when you left). I also really like your pen. (Can I have it?)

3. Thank you to GoDaddy.com for the new URL. I'd also like to thank the kind customer service guy who called me today and tried to convince me to shell out another $7. You tried.

4. Thank you to Barnes & Noble for providing literature that has been purchased with money that would have been used for clothing.

5. Thank you to American Apparel for sending one purchase in three different parts. My mother thinks I spend more than I actually do.

6. Thank you to Netflix for distracting me from online shopping. Breaking Bad has saved me a lot of money.

7. Thank you to KAA Prep for not paying me for lunch hours that I didn't take. I have now vowed not to do any work between 12 and 1 PM. I will not make copies of anything.

8. Thank you to the City College of New York for not having my email address on file. I would have gone to school on the 28th not knowing where the hell to go if it weren't for a fellow classmate. That would have been very very bad.

9. Thank you to Mr. Melendez at Spitzer who made my heart stop while he made sure that I was accepted to the program over the phone.

10. Thank you to Sheryl Sandberg for teaching me how to Lean In. It is truly a "manifesto for the working woman."


  1. i like how ur blog is honest, simple and to the point with a wide range of topics. other blogs get boring or tedious if too long.