31 July 2013

Shopping Cart: Everlane

I couldn't help myself...

If you are unfamiliar with Everlane, then you'd best head over there right now. I'm currently obsessed with their silk blouses despite being googly-eyed over Uniqlo's competitive pricing. Side note: Despite a $50 price tag, Uniqlo's silk blouses are unfriendly to the touch and may require excessive care. They look fantastic when worn, but the fabric is unforgiving.

    Everlane focuses on providing quality products that are manufactured ethically both here in the US and overseas in China and other countries including Italy. The big bonus for us is that they won't sacrifice an affordable sticker price. Could this company get any better? I'm in an ethical manufacturing phase right now; I've been making numerous purchases from American Apparel and can't wait to get my hands on my first Everlane shipment! Because of this, I've been very cautious about buying widely manufactured items and it has made me really conscious about where my clothes are coming from.

     I can't decide whether to go for the Nude or Light Grey (both, maybe?) but I'm certainly adding a tee or two to my shopping cart. I'm also really excited for fall so I can splurge on a cashmere cardigan (whee!)

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