25 July 2013


Quick post to share that I'm hitting the links tomorrow! It'll be my first time in almost two years(!!!) I know, I should be ashamed. Hopefully I won't suck as much as I remember :)

Hope everyone is enjoying Restaurant Week while it lasts! Tomorrow will be the last day of the first week and there will be two subsequent weeks to follow.

And I hope everyone is protecting their eyeballs with sunnies and wide-brim hats! I'm getting a new pair of prescription sunnies so I don't have to wear dumb contacts 8)

I received Ryan Holiday's revered Monthly Reading Recommendation today. Highlights include:

  1. Our lives are too short to suffer through crappy books
  2. If you hate a book, stop reading it
  3. Don't feel obligated to read something that is teaching you nothing
  4. Read above your level, but feel free to quit and try again later
Penguin Books recently released a series of chalk-art editions of classics and Peter Pan is on my wish list, but you can get a copy for $7 which is super cheap (!!)

This is a really crappy post.
I read some crappy SAT essays today (sigh)
and a lot of kids didn't improve (double-sigh)

- Ordered this year's share of swimwear
- Not getting paid until next week
- Bakery around the corner isn't opening until Sunday
- Auburndale library is never going to open again
- I have to return my books tomorrow
- 8:30 tee time
- It's really chilly but I kinda like it

I guess I have to take a shower now.

This was sub-par. I'm sorry.

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