20 July 2013


Remember when in high school as summer was fast approaching, everyone would preach "SUMMER2k-whatever, CAN'T WAIT!!! BEST SUMMER EVER" only to spend your days lazing around watching entire seasons of mediocre tv shows because you already saw all the good ones? Well I need to make a couple additions/adjustments to my ULTIMATE SUMMER BUCKET LIST, guaranteed to make for the GREATEST SUMMER OF YOUR LIVES (!!!!) Final sale, no returns.

Well I guess this is just a list of things that I've done so far...

  • PS1. I didn't realize that the Rain Room was not here until I got there, and I got a courtesy ticket to the RR which unfortunately expired before I realized it did. But there is a waterfall-like thing.
  • Rose House. I really enjoy going to RH because it's not something one would do on a regular basis. RH visits are revered in my book and any day that includes a visit turns out to be truly wonderful. The fruit tea was unsatisfactory this time around though.
  • Beach. 'Twas a pleasant day by the shore, highlighted by really cute lifeguards.
Okay I seriously had a hard time thinking about what I've done so far. #LOSER (whatever)
  • Completed the entirety of Mad Men and am now up to date
  • Nearly completed the Eleventh Doctor's first season on Doctor Who
  • Book haul!!!! Purchased several books for the first time in forever because I am (no longer) a cheapskate and I'm really excited. (can you tell?)
  • I got socks today, that was thrilling #LAME
  • Oh, and we went to the golf course to practice a bit which was nice, and I got to see my fave coach!
  • Gordon Ramsay. My cousin also attempted to steal a bench from the Kitchen Nightmare restaurant because I convinced her that the interior was completely redone and that all the furniture sitting on the curb was just going to the dump. Apparently not, but I think that lady just didn't want to part with her stuff.
  • I finished knitting this blanket for my popo, but I stupidly put it in the washing machine to wet it so that I could block it and make it more rectangular. It got ruined. I have to redo it. That shit took me four months. I'm going to die.
  • My reading queue is so backed up. Maybe I should just sit on the 7 train for an entire day to catch up.
Things I do on a daily basis:
  • Comparison shop
  • Online shopping
  • TV watching
  • Budgeting out my next paycheck
  • Trying to figure out which Apple product to buy next 
(I'm so serious)

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