01 July 2013


Happy July!
As it is the first of the month, I have an obligation to remind you to skip the month at JustFab if you so choose to.

This post is for those of you who are stuck at home this summer with nothing to do. Your friends are busy at their jobs, SAT classes, summer camps, or are abroad in a fantasy land that you can't touch. Anywho, here's a list of things you can do at home:

1. SLEEP. Sleep is for those who can afford to, and guess what? You can! Sleeping all day is also a surefire way to prevent yourself from spending money that you really don't have.

2. Take a walk. I know, I know, it takes a village to get you out the front door, but all you really need to do is make your feet take you there. Take a walk down the block, around the corner, to your friend's, to Micky D's, to the park, anywhere you'd like! The best part is that you can decide when to return home and by then, you'll remember why you like it there to begin with. Happy stepping!

3. Duolingo. Take the summer to brush up on your Spanish or French! Duolingo is a fun way to solidify your linguistic skills and you won't be stuck answering with a blank face whenever your aunt asks you what you've been up to.

4. Experiment in the Kitchen. Take a walk to the nearest grocery store and pile your basket with foods that you enjoy and can experiment with! For example: French fries & Milkshakes, anyone? Try making some delectable summer drinks and while you're at it, make some French maracons and send some over to my place.

5. Netflix. The treasure trove of entertainment, I say. Now is the perfect time, if any, to start that 1-month free trial you've always meant to sign up for. Watch Mad Men, Grey's Anatomy, Breaking Bad, Weeds, Doctor Who, Sherlock, and all your other favorite cable TV shows!

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