28 June 2013

Cooking with Julia: EGGS

Top o' the mornin', friends!

I delightfully spent the entire night watching the pilot for the new NBC show Siberia (twice) as well as multiple clips from SNL and Late Night. Yup.

Now I don't know about you, but whenever I pull an all-nighter, I like to top it off with a wonderful breakfast to keep me awake. That or a refreshing morning photo walk. Today's activity of choice was scrambled eggs, and BOY were they good (!)

Eggs, any amount of your choosing: How hungry are you this morning?
Milk, an experimented amount, one decided on the spot: How fluffy do you like your eggs, and how much milk "looks right" to you?
Cheese, the best addition to any meal; type is up to you
Salt & Pepper, another ingredient completely dependent on your taste

Ready, Set, Cook!*
1. Crack eggs into a bowl large enough to allow for whisking without spillage.
2. Whisk well using any utensil on hand, including but not limited to: whisks, forks, chopsticks, etc.
3. Add milk, but not too much! Milk makes your eggs nice and fluffy, but you don't want egg soup. Stir the milk in.
4. Take your pan and place it atop the burner of your choice, turning it on to slightly below medium. Allow to heat up before adding your eggs.
5. Slowly pour eggs in and let sit for about 60 seconds.
6. Sprinkle cheese, if you so choose to, atop your eggs. I used Kraft's Mexican Cheese blend because that's all there was in the fridge and who can really go without cheese?
7. After adding cheese, immediately fold the edges of your eggs inward using a spatula
8. Allow your eggs to cook and just prior to finishing them off with a second fold, add salt and pepper to taste.
9. Once thoroughly cooked, transfer to suitable dishware and enjoy! Bon appetit! 

Now pour yourself a glass of orange juice. Freshly squeezed is fantastic, but Tropicana will do. If, like myself, you are stuck with a new economy-sized jug, please know that I understand your sorrow in being unable to indulge in a well-shaken glass of OJ. Because it's impossible to procure a well shaken glass from a new container.

To make the cooking experience even more enjoyable, cook along to a favorite playlist of your choice. I like upbeat songs in the morning, they're a nice wake-me-up, although I've been awake since 11 yesterday morning ;)

*This is entirely experimental and is written based on experience, please don't get angry if things go wrong

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