03 July 2013

"I Want to do Everything," the Professions Edition

When people ask me what I want to do, I'm unsure of an answer. In the back of my head, I truly want to pursue every field I can lay my hands on. I know what I want to study in school, but what happens after that? 

This is a bona-fide list of everything I've ever wanted to be, in no particular order. We begin with careers that I've desired to pursue in my childhood and throw in those which I currently consider, as well as some that I find utterly fascinating.

  • Veterinarian. Because I loved dogs
  • Actress. Because I wanted to be like Emma Watson.
  • Doctor. Because my dad told me to.
  • Lawyer. Because my dad told me to. Later, because I found value in justice and analyzing the shades of gray.
  • Surgeon. Because Grey's Anatomy.
  • Engineer. Because despite the mathematics, I enjoy the idea of being responsible for something great.
  • Computer Scientist. Because I was fascinated by a trip to Google and thought that anyone could go to MIT.
  • Fashion Designer. Because all I could think about were clothes.
  • Stylist. Because I regularly find myself going through my favorite e-tailers on a regular basis.
  • News Anchor. Because I wanted to be on TV all the time. 
  • Photographer. Because I thought I could be good at taking pictures.
  • Ambassador. Because I wanted to be anywhere but here.
  • Architect. Because I assumed that's what happened after architecture school.
  • Construction Worker. Because I loved the idea of creating a structure with my own two hands.
  • Interior Architect. Because I couldn't really imagine myself working on the mechanics of building a structure from scratch.
  • Interior Designer. Because I found myself wanting to spend time in Ikea far too often. Note: Not to be confused with an Interior Decorator.
  • Accountant. Because I have this weird fascination for Excel spreadsheets. Also: I enjoy budgeting although I'm not very good at following my own budgets.
  • Pharmacist. Because it seemed easier than being a doctor.
  • Interpreter. Because being one meant I would be fluent in several languages.
  • Flight Attendant. Because I want to see the world. Also: Pan Am.
  • Epidemiologist. Because I thought it was really cool to study disease and create cures.
  • Political Analyst. Because I really enjoyed my government class.
  • Economist. Because I took a great Microeconomics course. And aced it.
  • Starbucks Barista. Because Starbucks is a fantastic place to work and you know no bounds.
  • Baker. Because the final product was the jewel of my day.
  • Editor. Because no matter how hard I try, I can't write anything good.
  • Author. Because writing books is an excellent investment of your time which will provide a healthy return.
  • Investment Banker. Because at one point I was very interested in finance, and I-Bankers seemed like the cream of the crop.
  • Stockbroker. Because at one point I was obsessed with the stock market.
  • Teacher. Because I fell in love with the idea of nurturing students to influence a greater tomorrow.
  • Therapist. Because I can be a good listener sometimes.
  • Construction Manager. Because I could put my degree in architecture to some use.
  • POTUS. Because I'm obviously na├»ve about how stressful the job is. It's not all about making good decisions, ya know.

As you can see, I can be considered "unfocused" as my dad says although I don't think he quite means it this way. Is it wrong to want to have a fulfilled life? Why make yourself comfortable in one career when you can be adventurous and have many different professions? Wouldn't you think that would build character? 

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  1. Anonymous04 July, 2013

    Agreed. There are so many careers out there and plenty I haven't heard of. Utterly confused with my future career. Being a student is so simple but so boring to do it for an eternity. Learn and have a career.