13 April 2013

On Ambiversion, Part 2

Alas, the long-awaited (HA) second part of a continuous series on ambiversion.

My will to write this has been prompted by this Forbes article on, you guessed it, ambiverts. As it turns out a Wharton professor claims that ambiverts are great salespeople, thus fully explaining my excellent Girl Scout cookie sales. Once again, those who lie in the middle of this range seem to be greater than either extreme. Pay attention, kids: Well-rounded ambiverts may one day be the new extrovert, thus converting the "Extrovert Ideal" to the "Ambivert Ideal." Well-rounded folk were once incredibly highly regarded, you knowEver hear of the Renaissance man?

All in all, it's time to open your eyes and learn to embrace ambiverts. Can't quite figure out if you belong to this highly illustrious group of people? Take this quick assessment from author Dan Pink.

Happy Saturday!
ALSO: For those of you in the Greater New York area, you may get a chance to see the Aurora Borealis tonight without leaving the 212/718 area codes. Duck outside sometime around 8 and keep your eyes open! For more information, click here.

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