11 April 2013

A Dark and Dangerous Road

I just rediscovered someone whom I once knew in high school. She's a fashion blogger now and I realized that her blog is way more successful than mine. It's because she's a fashion blogger.

As much as I embrace and appreciate fashion and the fashion world, I could never be a full-time fashion blogger. It just seems so self-revolving, and quite frankly, there aren't many people who would be willing to follow me around taking pictures if I ever decide to leave the house wearing something decent. Sure, I could put on a few outfits and pretend to be some fantastic fashionista who has everything going for her, but who is?

As much as I love Leandra and Aimee, I really can't grasp the idea that some people devote so much time to their self-made fashionista visage, but if you look through Bloglovin, nearly all the popular blogs are related to fashion.

I suppose people think that fashion blogging is like a gateway to fame, thus tickling themselves to create their own in efforts to put themselves in the spotlight. But to my misfortune, fashion blogs are what people want to read these days, not some of the pointless jibber jabber that I sometimes (or always) write.

All in all, the success of peers has led me down a dark and dangerous path of incompetence which has resulted in the desire to write something more meaningful and substantial that can gain recognition by readers everywhere and make myself feel a little more better. But if people everywhere want fashion blogging, well then I'll just have to give up, huh?

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