19 April 2013


As of late, the Brooklyn Bridge and I have developed a casual rapport that is fueled by my perpetual free time. Actually, it's just a very coincidental pair of scheduling differences. My there and back again trips today total my number of walks this week to a whopping three!

But as much as I enjoy the walks along the bridge, my favorite part is the final destination going Brooklyn-bound. Actually, I much prefer the Manhattan-bound trip because it has a slighter incline and you can look at the lovely skyline (whee!). Anyway, I love spending a solitary hour or two in Brooklyn Heights or at the park because it's just so lovely and wonderful, especially during the summer with the waterfront breeze. Dumbo also has bookstores which I tend to drift toward. :)

However, it makes me sad to admit that I won't be spending much time in Bklyn this summer. (There's money to be made and bills to be paid!) I do encourage you to, though. The park hosts events throughout the summer and the pool is open until Labor Day and there's the ferry! Ferries are fun.

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