19 April 2013


It's here! It's here, it's here, it's here!
Even though it's been on my mind for the past week, I just discovered my recently delivered TIME100 issue! If you can't tell, this is my favorite issue of the year, topping Vogue's September issue AND every ArchDigest issue.

What I love about Time's 100 Most Influential People in the World is that everyone is related to each other. TIME carefully picks 100 fantastic, wonderful, amazing, inspiring, and downright AWESOME people  then picks another 100 people to write short passages about them. I absolutely love when one influential person's passage is written by another influential person. Not only do you get to read what this influential person thinks about that influential person, but you also get a glimpse into their writing style and I just find that so wonderful.

I love this issue so much that I will flip through it, reread it, and mark it up every day for the next week or two. You learn about people's successes and the things they overcame and what people think of them. You are inspired and awed at the magnitude of each person's influence. You gain 100 new role models and you aspire to join them in the ranks of Time's 100.

It's just so great. So, so great.


  1. I want this. Where can I get it??

    1. at a newsstand near you, mon cher