18 April 2013

A Pleasant Surprise

I spent a couple hours in my ~new workplace~ today as part of a "training and getting comfortable period" and I have really good feelings about this one, you guys.
Turns out that other than office work and assistant teaching, they want me to teach writing to students through blogging which made me really excited and eager to start (Marcus, if you ever come across this: Hi!)

Yep, that's my ~pleasant surprise~ but I also saw a Mud truck on Bell which got me really excited too... But in other news, I am trying to sell my bike so if anyone wants to purchase a barely used green Trek Allant WSD that comes with a BASKET!, send them my way. It's a really cute bike and I really like it, but it doesn't fit into my lifestyle right now :(

I've also been relatively busy these past couple days and for the next couple days which has deprived me of my baking needs. I was asked to make another batch of zucchini bread for Saturday night, but this chickadee doesn't really have time for that anymore. There's also red velvet cake on my queue (yummy!)

Last but not least: I've gotten a new and unexpected hastiness for the fall semester to come because I just can't wait to dive back into architecture. and I'm almost all caught up with Game of Thrones. #addicted

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