10 April 2013


Happy 100th Day of the Year, folks!

On this wonderfully grand yet utterly pointless holiday, let's take a moment to remember 10 important things that happened to you in the past 100 days.
Here goes nothing:
1. I quit school (holla!)
2. From 9 interviews, I landed one job
3. I couldn't land a job that three of my friends have (which is severely depressing)
4. I learned how to bake banana bread and have not stopped baking since the day I came home
5. I haven't weighed myself lately, but I'm pretty sure I gained a few pounds le sigh
6. Since leaving school, I've realized that I can only miss crew more and more
7. Finally fixed my bike! (but I'm not quite sure it's quite right)
8. I've learned to appreciate my current situation and have been reassured that my leaving school was the right thing to do
9. Realized that blogging is a good way to hook interviews
10. I got a new pair of sunnies.

Wow this list is pretty pathetic. Perhaps I should've asked for 10 things I've learned or realized in the past 100 days. I mean really, who experiences something important every 10 days? Well, I can think of a few people... but us normal folks really have it hard, huh? Or maybe it's just me... because I have nothing to do.

Regardless of my shortcomings, think of 10 of your own things to remember these past 100 days by...

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