07 July 2012


Good afternoon. Please enjoy the picture of my delicious Subway sammich.

The weather confuses me and I do not like it. Also, NYC humidity is a pain in the ass. Yesterday Swackett predicted that it would be 98 degrees, and it would feel like 106. I was frightened. Today's actual weather? Nowhere near 98, and it felt like 91 with humidity.

In other news, the MP3 experiment is happening next Saturday! OH-EM-GEE how exciting. Unfortunately, I will be away... Excitingly, I'll be on my first trip outside of this wonderful timezone which is actually making me kinda nervous. I hear Chicago's fun.
But anyway, MP3 experiment next Saturday, Governor's Island, 3:00. Be there, follow the directions and have a blast for me.

Actually, because of my trip I'll be missing syfy's screening of To Kill A Mockingbird which is one of my favorite b&w movies. And to make things worse, the screening is in one of my favorite places in the city. Jesus, when did I walk under a ladder? (Actually, I considered walking under a ladder yesterday to exhibit my rebelliousness but then I realized that I could do well without the bad luck. Yay good choices!)

I'm sure you know the significance of July 14th in France. You do, right? Well the French are taking over NYC this upcoming week with French Restaurant Week which features lower prices than NYC Restaurant Week does! Yey I'm really excited! I won't be divulging where I will be dining, but I'm super stoked.

Ciao for now

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