02 July 2012


I just stopped myself from publishing two rants. Proud?

5 things:
1- 8 weeks before I leave
2- Number of times I've gone out this summer so far (since 6/13): I think about 9 (9.5 maybe if you count the time I went to sign up for driving lessons then ate out afterward)
3- Number of days it's been since 6/13: 19
4- Percent of my summer vacation so far that has been notable: 47% Is that good? I have no references with which to compare
5- Thoughts?
     A. I wish I had something to do this summer. Not just so that I'll have something to do, but because I'd be more likely to do more things afterward. Right?
     B. Hate having to pay MTA fare
     C. Not particularly fond of the fact that I can't drive... yet
     D. The weather is murdering my soul
     E. I wish the Girl Scout people would let me know if I'm going to Chicago already, jesus. It's probably not going to happen, but I just want to know!

Have no fear, folks! Lonely Julia is doing something about her lack of exciting tales to tell and will be attending a ballgame tomorrow even though she'd rather stay home and read on her parent's bed in their cool, dark room versus the stifling hot stuffy attic which she calls her own abode. But all's well, she will wear a baseball cap and lots of sunscreen because in one particular area on her body, her skin is 5 different shades (burnt, charred, golden, honey, and albino). Also, there are high hopes that she will be a Mount Holyoke Her Campus staff member. It'll be like writing for her blog, only people may actually be reading her pieces.

G'day, chap!

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