23 March 2012


omg omg omg omg.
For the record, I'm writing this at 11:57 AM, the morning after the showing, because my computer is on the fritz (again) and I skipped school after a long day and about an hour of sleep, so bear with me.

WARNING: This post contains SPOILERS.

1. The great thing about this movie is that it is based on a book and while it had some extreme likenesses as the novel, it was also possible for audience members who had not read the book to understand it.

2. The score was amazing and it really complimented the movie as a whole. There were dramatic noises when there needed to be and it was just great.

3. Katniss did not get the Mockingjay pin from the market. This is the only big screwup that really bothered me. In the book, Katniss received the pin as a gift from Madge, the mayor's daughter. Actually, my sister mentioned that the filmmakers couldn't include that part in because it would take too long to explain Madge's and Katniss's relationship, which I totally understand.

4. The first half of the movie really went by like lightning. I felt that there was so much more they could add and the filmmakers didn't really capture the essence of many of the relationships between the characters. Sure, you know who each one is and how they know each other, but I would have really appreciated it if they really elaborated their bonds.

5. I loved how they mirrored the tributes's point of view in the arena with the production process on the gamemaker's end. It created a great sense of a behind-the-scenes part of the games where the audience can better understand the gamemakers' role in the games.

6. Caesar Flickerman was great. Everything I expected, and more.

I wouldn't have minded a 5-hour movie... In this case, The Hunger Games is probably better off as one.



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