22 March 2012

A Triple Feature Pt. 1

[7:58 PM]
Just got home from school after watching the S!NG 2012 production. S!NG is basically a musical production directed, written, and produced by students. The participating students are then divided into two groups respective to grade level: underclassmen and upperclassmen. Each of both groups create their own performances from which the audience will choose a favorite and will thus be declared the winner!

Aside from the logistics of S!NG, my personal favorite is the upperclassmen performance (Go Shelley!). Despite being an upperclassman myself, I thought their storyline was much more coherent and the actors had a much better representation of their characters than those of the underclassmen. However, I did find a particular jolly underclassman quite amusing and there were several competent singers among them. Thus, I applaud the underclassmen for good effort, but the upperclassmen take the cake.

Kudos to you all for a job well done.

Now, I wait until 12:01 AM to finally see The Hunger Games which I have been so extremely excited for!


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