23 March 2012

A Slice of Advice: Choosing a School

You've been accepted to several schools already, but you just can't decide which one to choose... Here's what I'll be doing to help me make my decision:

  1. Pros and Cons: List the pros and cons that first come to mind for each school and compare. Old-school, yes I know, but it really helps. 
  2. Financial Aid: How much is each school offering you? Can you petition for more $?
  3. Distance: How far away is the school from home? Remember, the further away you are, the more independence you get, but it's also harder to come home for special occasions.
  4. College Town: Is the school located in a friendly town? Are there many things to do off campus, and is there a Starbucks?*
  5. How will each particular school benefit your studies? What is it strong in, and how will it encourage your interests?
  6. How will each school help you in the future? Are there any particular connections at any of your schools that could really boost your future career?

*Most important question

Oh dear, I think I've just complicated my situation even more...

Until next time,

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