30 March 2012

Favorite Places to Read

I often have trouble finishing books because I'm really picky about where I choose to read them. This is a quick list of places where I'd rather be reading...

  1. In bed, either before I go to sleep or after I wake up (the latter is reserved for weekends). Reading before bed is natural for me and I almost always do, but after a long day I'll read a page or two then get knocked out.
  2. Coffee shops (including Starbucks). There's something romantic about reading in coffee shops (though I don't do it to attract guys). Warm your hands with a hot macchiato and snack on some butter cookies (or tea and crumpets if that suits your fancy).
  3. In the park. Only when it's warm and sunny outside, with little to no breeze, so this is reserved for really nice summer-y days which aren't as frequent as we'd like here in NY.
  4. On the train/bus. Sometimes I'll even opt to take the local 7 train on the way home just so I'll have extra time to read. For some reason, I usually don't fall asleep while reading on the train unlike on the bus. 
  5. At the beach. This option has similar weather requirements as the park.
I'm not a big fan of reading at school, although I actually quite enjoyed finishing up Snow Flower and the Secret Fan in the school auditorium. What I'd really love, though, is a top-floor sunroom with a large comfy reading chair... I can just picture it now. And I just love reading nooks by bay windows.

Ciao for now!

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