30 December 2013


Good morning, Tri-State area, and welcome to the last day of the old year, not that it really matters. The counter will reset to 1, you will return to work in a few days' time, it'll take you three weeks to get used to writing 2014 instead of 2013, and life will go on, just as it has for the past 4 billion years.

Sometimes I feel like the wise old man in an ivory tower (Side: I should build an ivory tower). I only say that because I question the reasoning behind celebrating New Year's. New Year's, like every other holiday in America, has more or less just become an excuse to celebrate. And what is with the American desire to celebrate so often? But seriously, what are we celebrating? If you ask every person in Times Square that question tonight, they'll all make up some bullshit answer like "We're reflecting on the past year and making resolutions for the next one, whee~"

Resolutions, man. I don't think I've ever met someone who, on New Year's Eve, celebrates the successful accomplishment of one of their year's resolutions. Myself included! I find it difficult to believe that New Year's is a chance for one to welcome the new year with a "fresh start" because nobody really ever gets a fresh start in life. The entirety of being is based on the fact that you accumulate knowledge and experience and New Year's shouldn't be an excuse for you to suppress the not so good things you've done in the past year. Resolutions are arbitrary statements that you post on Facebook that you think make you seem worldly and wonderful to your 524 friends. Well, your 524 friends are thinking the same thing as they post their status updates, only for you to scan it with a sneer.

New Year's shouldn't be a special excuse to celebrate. You can celebrate everyday, what's stopping you, really? Just pop open a bottle of bubbly whenever you please and make a holiday out of it, I beg you. To those of you who sincerely enjoy celebrating New Year's, I genuinely hope you have a good night. To those of you who are stuck at parties that make you feel slightly uncomfortable, my best advice for you is to keep drinking. And to everyone else who modestly enjoys their New Year's, cheer up!

This year, my anti-resolution will be not to die/drop out of school, which I will probably post on Facebook. But yeah, trying to prevent myself from dying so that I can live to see 2100 seems pretty do-able, right? Unless there are unforeseen.... well, it isn't anymore, so...

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