30 December 2013

Free Yourself

Thought: All of these photos have been taken before, for they are all of things that have been and surely I am not the first to have come upon them.

Despite a sorely missed connection, I ventured out into the world today. For the first time in practically forever, I took it upon myself to discover something. And I think I did.

I may be prematurely declaring this, but I've come across a very interesting area, one that may be considered the subject of my thesis project come fifth year. But that's 4 and a half years away, so I've got plenty of time to change my mind. This small area north of Houston is experiencing gentrification and funnily enough, the further down the income scale I travelled, the less interesting the neighborhood became. But alas, I think that only applies to the exterior. Carefully thought out storefronts were swapped out for cookie-cutter public housing and colored-in street art declined in number. On the outside, the buildings became uglier, but on the inside, I can imagine that the inhabitants become more faceted.

The adventure beyond my bed was fairly pleasant in that I have things to show for it. Lesson: Keep no itinerary, no map, no watch, just yourself and a camera (maybe a notebook too). Free yourself from the known and go where you've never gone before.

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