07 October 2013

The Invisibility Factor

There's comfort in invisibility, isn't there? I suppose that's why we were all so enamited by Harry's Invisibility Cloak, envious of his ability to wander throughout the world unseen. I like to think that all New Yorkers have an invisibility factor, a measure of how well they can blend in to the background in and out of New York. The higher your invisibility factor, the more discreet you can become, and vice versa. I would like to point out, however, that the invisibility factor is unrelated to one's personality or loudness. I consider myself, for example, to have a moderately high invisibility factor, but that does not mean that I wither away into the background in all situations. 

Someone with a low invisibility factor would be like a redneck who is visiting New York for the first time and is occupying the most space possible on the Subway while shouting to their relatives across the car. That, my friends, is a prime example of a low invisibility factor. I suppose this means that all New Yorkers have fairly high numbers. If you can take the train every morning and afternoon without making another passenger annoyed/angry, you've pretty much qualified. 

7 train, Oct 07 2013. 7:09 AM. 

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