01 October 2013

Thank You Notes: The First Review

Thank you to David Judelson, Melissa Santana, and Noshin Apurba for facilitating conversation and inquiry into the world of architecture and guiding us along the path to an endless destination.

Thank you to my studiomates for creating a supportive environment to learn and grow. I look forward to many more tomorrows with you all.

Thank you to Ken Allison for adding a dash of humor and lightheartedness to our first review which is especially appreciative after days of going without sleep.

Thank you to my friends outside of studio 312 for inquiring about our projects and allowing us to explore your work as well.

Thank you to my parents for rides to and from the train, tuition, supplies, endless support, and for putting me on this planet.

I'm feeling very sentimental right now. Can you tell?

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