25 August 2013

Things that I Think About in the Odyssey

There are some people who, thanks to the wonders of social media, share every thought that materializes in their beautiful mind. Then there are others who keep to themselves and refrain from sharing any of their thoughts. The key, I believe, is to edit your multitude of musings and select what to share from a myriad of items. But there's also Twitter, on which you can publicize whatever you want because it'll be barely noticed and it just feels good to get some thoughts out into the open.

Sometimes, though, I get moments when I'll feel compelled to publicize something but refrain to do so in an attempt to keep some of my thoughts private. In these instances, I imagine myself being engaged in conversation in which the other party will ask a question regarding whatever I was thinking at that moment in the car. Of course, the odds of being asked a question like "How does it feel to live in New York?" is fairly unlikely in my daily life because I primarily exchange conversation with New Yorkers.

In that case, I'll put my phone back in it's cup holder and try to carve the thought in my stone-like brain before I lose it to its deep recesses. However, I could also argue that this blog is my attempt to immortalize my thoughts, but what if the other party is like you, a reader? Then they probably won't be asking me questions about things that they already know the answers to, right?

So here I am, deep in the profound conundrum of my life: Should I share everything that pops up into my hefty brain? And what are the chances that I'll ever be the subject of a TV or newspaper interview that will ask the perfect questions to my thoughts? Maybe this is a lesson in itself: Share things that you don't think anyone would ever ask you, because if no one does, you'll never get to share it. Better safe than sorry, no?

I spent the afternoon acquiring and building a lovely particle board table from Ikea that has really ugly silver table legs. And no chair. That's right, folks: I have no chair to sit upon. My lack of furniture makes me a little sad.


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