23 August 2013

La Deuxième Partie

I got registered for classes! Please commence wild arm flailing and squeals of excitement just as if Harry Styles knocked on your door. Scheduled for this semester: Physics, Lit & Psychoanalysis, and Studio. Pending: Français.

Who's excited? I am!!
I literally spent the day running back and forth the CCNY campus and made a few friends along the way. My bag is littered with business cards and notes that I've collected from my haphazard travels back and forth, back and forth. I will most likely be returning on Monday or Tuesday to take a picturesque ID photo (yeah, right) before classes start on Wednesday!

There are four days between now and the first day of school so I have to teach myself how to read and write again. Thank goodness I spent the summer at a prep school or else my brain would have completely rotted.

Side note to any SAT students that I may have taught this summer: I used the CYON method on my math placement test today, thus proving that those seemingly silly tactics worked.

Cheers to all, and have a splendid weekend everyone!

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