07 August 2013

I got 99 problems and City College is all of them.

1. They didn't have my e-mail on file.
2. Thus, I never received notification of admittance.
3. They should have contacted me by other means.
4. But they didn't.
5. I was never notified about the registration process.
6. So I am not registered.
7. I have to go there in person to remedy this.
8. CUNY also sent me an email saying that I didn't get accepted as a transfer student.
9. But I applied as a freshman.
10. The Assistant Director of Admissions is not in the office today.
11. I called the Admissions office at least a dozen times over the past two days.
12. They never called back.
13. I emailed them thrice and never got a reply.
14. But the Registrar replied to two of my emails.
15. They can't help me.
16. The student advisor for architecture students doesn't know what's going on.
17. He's just as confused as I am.
18. But he's a nice guy, so I'm okay with that.
19. I have to be registered by the 27th.
20. But I work Monday to Thursday.
21. And the Admissions office is closed on Friday.
22. I'm also going on vacation this coming week.
23. Leaving two days to get my shit together.
24. Because I'm supposed to go there in person, right? (Who knows)
25. I thought my problems were solved when I gave them my email address to login to the MyCity thingy.
26. Nope.
27. Am I a transfer student or a freshman?
28. Spitzer doesn't take transfers, so I applied as a freshman.
29. But technically I'm a transfer because I have a semester's worth of inapplicable credits.
30. So what am I?
31. Do I have to send a tuition check?
32. How do I not know any of this information?
33. Why is this system so unorganized?
34. Why am I so out of the loop?

WHAT'S GOING ON?!?!?!?!?!?!
Okay, I'm sorry. I'm just very confused and frustrated and I JUST WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL T_T

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