13 July 2013

Fingers Crossed for an Indian Summer

I am so eager for fall to come already! Summer's already halfway through and with this bout of cool air making its way through the city, I thought I'd try on some autumnal ensembles to look forward to the change in season.

Isn't it humorous to think that we always look forward to what we intend to wear in upcoming seasons, yet we never look back on what we have worn in the past? For instance, while looking forward to this fall, I dream of coats and hats that I do not yet own rather than reminisce on my nicely worn-in ones. I suppose it has to do with the possibility and potential of what could be, as well as the person we imagine ourselves to be in the future.

On that note, I'd like to declare that autumn is officially my favorite season! Second is summer, then winter, and finally, spring. Despite the autumnal allergies that I've come to acquire, I much prefer the temperature change from warm to cool rather than cool to warm. The summer to fall transition is much more natural, don't you think? It mirrors a freshly cooked piping hot meal cooling down to reasonable temperatures and if you're lucky, it tastes even better cold.

I gravely miss my scarves and hats, mes amies! I know that once winter makes its way here, I'll become chockfull of complaints about how frigid it is. You know me, melodramatic and unsatisfiable in every way.

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