12 July 2013

A Few of my Favorite Things... Juice!

This might be a little strange, but bear with me...

To start, No. 5: The dregs from a gallon-sized carton of Tropicana OJ, thoroughly shaken and frothy (pulp a plus). Have you ever tried it?! It's 5x better than a glass of juice from a half-full carton and 10x better than a glass from a newly opened carton! The next time you're left with just enough juice to fill a glass, take life by the hand and shake that carton like a Shake-Weight on a sugar high, then fill glass and enjoy.

Next at the No. 4 spot, Pineapple-Mango Smoothie (YUM)! Unfortunately for my household, I don't regularly keep fresh pineapples and mangoes in stock, nor do I have the skills to carve the prickly fruit that houses a peculiar sponge at the bottom of the sea. In that case, I only get Pineapple-Mango smoothies if I'm having a really good day and they're available to purchase for my consumption. They're tropically delightful!

Now for No. 3: Fresh-squeezed orange juice. What person's list of favorite juices can go without this essential favorite? A nice and frothy glass of pulp and juice from Florida's favorite fruit can never go wrong. Sure, it may take a million oranges to produce a single glass, but oh, your efforts will be well rewarded in the end.

a glass of nicely matriculated grape juice (yum)
And down to No. 2, we have Aged Welch's Concord Grape Juice! Okay this one is a little weird. My dad once tried to age grape juice into wine (I know, right) until the juice carton exploded and probably left a fruity mess. Anyway, about a month ago I requested that our fridge be stocked with grape juice and alas, my wish was granted. However, it wasn't granted with a brand-new store bought carton. Rather, it was an old carton from the deepest depths of the food collection that my family hoards in our basement. The carton was unopened, yet bore an expiration date from the previous year (I know, right). Nonetheless, the juice tasted like none other! Once I downed it all, the fridge was restocked with a new carton from the store and it tasted nothing like my preferred aged grape juice. Old grape juice > New grape juice. Time to stock up and save your grape juice, kids.

Last, but definitely not least, topping the chart at No. 1 is Naked Juice's Green Machine! I discovered Naked Juice several years ago when my then 5-year old cousin toted always toted around a $3 bottle of her Naked Juice of choice. It wasn't until last year when I finally tried the ominous-looking Green Machine juice and I've been hooked ever since. It's an acquired taste that you realize you can't go without after your first bottle.

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