10 June 2013

iOS 7

Did you watch the live broadcast of Apple's Keynote this morning? I hope you did, it was really great. But if you didn't, you can watch it here in full-length.

I tuned in just as they were introducing iOS 7, so here is my iOS 7 Top 5:
1. Siri can be a male! And can speak French! and German!
2. AirDrop is an easy new way to share photos (among other things) with your nearby pals "without having to go around the room 'bumping' people"
3. Photos are now categorized in "moments" which is two steps up from uncategorized photos intermingling with each other
4. Apple took a page from Spotify and Pandora with iTunes Radio, from which you can directly purchase a song that you like, as well as create your own stations just as you can on Spotify
5. Control Center is incredibly accessible and features a built-in flashlight as well as volume, Do Not Disturb, and Airplane Mode controls

iOS 7 will be available to users this Fall (CAN'T WAIT! CAN YOU TELL I'M EXCITED?)

I'm also anticipating the new Macbook Air (!!!) which is in the running for acquisition along with the new iPad. Also: the iPhone 5s is coming in colors and has a slightly bigger screen than the 5 without super-sizing the device like our Samsung friends are known to do.

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